Front Panel Controls for new SQ2020/2040 range with 128*64 dot graphical LCD

How many Channels can I view on the logger display at the same time?

In the meter mode 3 channels are displayed on the screen at one time and others can be viewed by using the up and down arrows.

How many channels can I view on the graph display at the same time?

Only one channel can be viewed on the graph, and this is chosen from the meter mode.

Can I display sampled inputs in real time?

The metering feature allows data to be viewed on the logger display or SquirrelView at approximately 1Hz, regardless of channel sample rates.

Can you lock and disable the keypad?

You can configure the logger such that no changes to setup can be made (read only). Refer to the Configuration Tab in SquirrelView Logger Setup.

Can I program the logger from the front panel?

Yes you are able to configure channels using the front panel buttons as well as being able to load pre-configured setups that have previously been stored in the logger.

Can I start logging from the front panel keypad?

Yes the logger can be armed and disarmed from the front keypad.

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