2020/2040 Logger Memory

How long will the memory last?

How long the memory will last is mainly dependant upon the number of channels set and their sample rate. For sample rates that are not sub-hertz, 16 bytes are used per reading (less than 16 bytes is used when logging sub-hertz). If Channel 1 was logging every second it would take approximately 11 days to fill the internal capacity or 16 weeks if logging every 10 seconds. If 4 channels log every 10 seconds the memory would fill in approximately 40 days.

The table below can be taken as a guide for a logger set to the default memory size of 16Mb.

If I install a external memory card, will it increase the memory?

No, the memory card is used to download your data without the need for a PC.

What happens when the memory is full?

The logger will disarm and go into the memory full condition. The logger cannot be armed again until enough free space is made available by the deletion of data. Download and most other functions will still be available when memory is full.

Can I choose how much memory to download?

It is not possible to specify memory but it is possible to download between two specified times.

Do I need to use a specific brand of memory card?

If you experiencing compatibility problems with a MMC/SD card, ensure that the logger controller firmware is at version 2.2 or above (firmware upgrades are included in you SquirrelView installation directory).

Do you recommend a specific brand of memory card reader?

Any brand name should work without issue but SANDISK or Microtech Zio are two known good readers.

Can I program the logger from a memory card?

Yes, in that setups created in SquirrelView can be saved onto a card and loaded into the logger using the stored setups menu.

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