2020/2040 Logger Operation

Can I download while the logger is logging?

Yes if downloaded via SquirrelView, but not to MMC. The logger will download until the point that the instruction to download was issued.

Can I download by time?

Yes, use the advanced function in the download screen.

What is the alarm output regime (one per channel)?

User specified triggers can activate a total of 4 alarm outputs. As an example; these triggers may be based upon channel conditions.

What can I trigger from?

Triggers can be from analogue, digital channels or time.

Can I print direct from the logger?

No, this can only be achieved via the host

Can I set an automatic download?

Yes Downloader is supplied on the SquirrelView CD

Why is the Ref Junction set automatically when I select a Thermocouple in Sensor Type?

Thermocouples do not measure absolute temperature, they only measure the temperature difference between the sensing end (the probe tip) and the reference end (where the probe plugs into the logger). To acquire the absolute temperature the logger adds together the temperature difference measured by the thermocouple to the temperature at the reference junction. The reference junction temperature is measured by the Reference Junction channel. To save the user from having to remember to turn on the Reference Junction channel, SquirrelView and the logger do it automatically whenever a thermocouple channel is selected.

Can I use the logger outside?

The logger is not weatherproof if to be used outside or in damp conditions it will need to be placed in an IP rated enclosure

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