2020/2040 Logger Battery and Power

How long will the batteries last in the 2020/240 Logger?

With all channels logging, the following table can be used as a guide: -


What happens when the batteries are exhausted?

It is not possible to arm the logger when below approximately 5.5. Volts. If the unit was logging when the voltage dropped below this point, it will disarm automatically.

Can I power from an external supply?

Yes, 10-18V DC only. Includes 12V DC battery. What happens if the external supply fails? If the external power fails, batteries must be fitted to prevent loss of data. In the case of a power failure, the logger will switch to the battery supply and continue with no interruption.

How is the battery level displayed?

By use of a “bar” multi-segment battery indicator on the logger display and, if required, the actual voltage is displayed in the appropriate screen both on the logger display and in SquirrelView.

Can the 20xx Logger be used on a vehicle?

The logger is designed to be powered from a 12V vehicle system directly, higher system voltages will require the use of a suitable convertor. Two high voltage inputs are available to directly monitor vehicle supplies (up to 60V).

Can the Logger be powered by the USB port?

No. However, the use of USB does not put any extra load on the logger power supply or batteries.

How do I power a GSM modem?

A power adaptor lead is included with the GSM kit (SQ20A802) to power the modem and the Squirrel from the mains power pack (MPU-12V)

Can I power sensors from the Logger?

Yes via connection terminal EA external supply (as supplied into the DC power socket Max 100mA B 5V regulated output Max 50mA

Can the internal batteries be rechargeable?

No only AA alkaline batteries should be used.

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