2020/2040 Logger Connections and Communications

Is the Logger USB 2.0 Compliant?


Can I connect to the logger remotely?

Yes via 3rd party Ethernet or wireless adapters as well GSM and dial-up modem.

Contact Grant Instruments or your distributor for more details.

Is the logger real ‘plug & play’ via USB?

Windows will automatically detect the presence of your data logger, supplied drivers will be required the first time used.

What if I connect to both ports simultaneously?

The USB and serial ports may be physically connected at the same time; however, the logger will talk to only one external host at a time.

Can the logger survive mains supply accidentally connected to inputs?

The unit is not designed to withstand such an event; however the unit is ESD protected.

Can the Logger connect to Ethernet?

Yes the SQ2020 2F8, SQ2040 2F16 and the SQ2040 4F16 have inbuilt Ethernet connection. For the SQ2020 1F8 we supply a serial RS232, Ethernet converter kit (SQ20A801) a power adaptor lead is included with the kit to power the modem and the Squirrel from the mains power pack (MPU-12V)

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