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We are Grant

Grant Instruments was founded in 1951 by Peter Ward, a Cambridge University economics graduate and Olympic three-mile runner and soon afterwards joined by Cecil Chapman in 1954. Thanks to their vision and passion for invention, Grant has been designing and manufacturing innovative scientific and data acquisition tools for the scientific, healthcare and industrial markets worldwide ever since. Over the past 67 years we have developed products and custom solutions that help our customers in pioneering research and development, together with every day analysis. We strive to bring the right products and custom solutions to market, to meet the needs of our customers. Our global delivery model and quality focused approach, makes us your clear partner of choice.

Where we are now

Today, Grant has built a strong track record in quality, reliability, customer-led service and support. We are constantly evolving, bringing new products and custom solutions to market. We are renowned worldwide, delivering innovation and reliability direct to research laboratories, healthcare and industrial markets. We are leaders in temperature control, life science products and data acquisition, thanks to our pioneering inventions. We have a presence in over 70 different countries. There are over 10,000 scientific products sold annually and over 80,000 data acquisition products sold across the world. We are ever expanding, bringing greater expertise to drive new innovations and help our customers make vital discoveries every day.