Grant YoYo loggers selected by NASA

Grant Instruments YoYo loggers were selected by NASA for stray current monitoring on pyrotechnic firing initiation lines.

NASA’s Space Launch System, or SLS, is a powerful, super heavy-lift launch vehicle for a new era of human exploration beyond Earth’s orbit. With its unprecedented power and capabilities, SLS will launch crews of up to four astronauts in the agency’s Orion spacecraft on missions to explore multiple, deep space destinations.

During the certification (or validation) of the new launch vehicle, the  pyrotechnic cabling  needs to be monitored for induced current on the firing initiation lines. Due to limited access and thermal environment of the launch vehicle, it was vital to have a small, robust battery powered device to record these measurements. The Grant Instruments YoYo devices were tested to verify they would operate under the stringent SLS thermal and EMI environment, resulting in the 2YL-M90-4M YoYo loggers being selected for this application.

The 2YL-M90-4M is being used in conjunction with the YY-CU cable and utilizing the device as a 0-10 volt input. The 2YL-M90-4M has other capabilities like an internal temperature and humidity sensors. In addition to temperature and humidity, the 2YL-M90-4M has two configurable inputs for the wide range of probes available from Grant Instruments or any type of sensor with a standard output signal for example, 0.20mA, 0.10V, pulse/frequencies, PT100, PT1000 and most thermocouples.