Grant Instruments Ultrasonic Water Baths Rebranded

To reflect the organisation’s growth and increased maturity within the market, we have rebranded our Ultrasonic Water Baths, which have been a star in our portfolio since 1994.

The rebrand product initiative is part of our existing and post-covid strategy to respond to our customers’ needs for sterilisation solutions, given a surge in demand for scientific laboratory equipment for use in cleaning applications, preparation for sterilisation and degassing liquids. Together with our branding objective to modernise our product portfolio range.

Kevin Belgrove, our Technical Director said: “We are incredibly excited about this product brand update, as it is the first set of products from the Grant product portfolio to mark Grant’s new brand identity.”  Kevin continued, “Our new product portfolio brand strategy sets the tone for the future of our business – as an organisation that is innovative and drives new solutions to the market to meet a broad range of needs from our customers.”

The rebranded range offers a stylish design in grey and silver and has already received positive feedback from our scientific community and scientific equipment clients and distributors.

Mark Davison, our CEO said: “Grant adapts to an evolving and progressive world, by maintaining a commitment to quality, innovation and customer service. I see many opportunities to serve customer needs and Grant continues to and drive and implement strategies to meet those needs.”

Along with product relaunches, we recently developed a new solution for air quality management adding to and strengthening our portfolio offering and building on the organisation’s three main divisions: Scientific, Data Acquisition and Custom Solutions.


Ultrasonic Water Bath: analogue and digital ranges

Grant has two lines of Ultrasonic Water Baths, the xuba Analogue Ultrasonic Bath Range and xub Digital Ultrasonic Bath range.  The rebranded product incorporates Frequency LEAP® technology to ensure uniform levels of ultrasonic activity throughout the fluid.

The xuba and xub water bath range offers consistent and reliable performance across a variety of healthcare and clinical applications.