• SBB Aqua Plus Boiling Baths

    The SBB Aqua Plus boiling baths are robust, reliable and provide continuous 100ºC operation. The range consists of four models to suit a range of applications and any budget.

    • Adjustable energy regulator provides steady boiling
    • Constant level device maintains liquid level
    • Robust and reliable design to withstand everyday wear and tear
    • Simple, intuitive controls – quick and easy to set temperature
    • Choice of sizes to suit individual applications
    • Non-drip polycarbonate lid included as standard


    • Clinical, microbiology and pathology labs – media preparation
    • University research/teaching – tissue culture preparation, warming tissue culture media
    • Industrial laboratories – equipment sanitisation, sample preparation for immuno assays
    • Science education in schools/universities – practical science demonstration and experimentation


    SBB Aqua 5 Plus

    SBB Aqua 12 Plus

    SBB Aqua 18 Plus

    SBB Aqua 26 Plus

    Dimensions (h x d x w)375 x 250 x 390mm440 x 385 x 390mm445 x 600 x 390mm445 x 600 x 390mm
    Temperature range100ºC only100ºC only100ºC only100ºC only
    Working area145 x 290mm315 x 290mm495 x 290mm495 x 290mm
    Min/Max liquid depth50/125mm50/125mm50/125mm70/175mm
    Temperature setting/energy regulationAnalogueAnalogueAnalogueAnalogue
    SafetyTwo fixed thermal cut-outsTwo fixed thermal cut-outsTwo fixed thermal cut-outsTwo fixed thermal cut-outs
    Heater power – 230V1500W1500W2000W2000W
    Heater power – 120V1300W1350W1350W1350W
    Supply voltage120 or 230V120 or 230V120 or 230V120 or 230V



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    Products in range

    Model Number

    Unit Size

    SBB Aqua 5 Plus5 L
    SBB Aqua 12 Plus12 L
    SBB Aqua 18 Plus18 L
    SBB Aqua 26 Plus26 L


    Polypropylene Spheres

    Ideal alternative to a lid*

    Part No


    Packs per bath

    PS-20Pack of 300 polypropylene spheres1 x 5/12L, 2 x 18/26L, 3 x 38L

    Accessory Notes

    * Between operating temperatures 60ºC and 100ºC and below room temperature a lid or layer of polypropylene spheres should be used.

    Raised Shelves

    To allow accommodation of shallow vessels

    Part No


    RS14For 12L bath
    RS22For 18L bath
    RS28For 26L or 38L bath
    RS38For 38L bath

    SBB – Base Tray

    Required if flat-bottomed flasks are to be placed directly on the base of the bath and to promote thermal convection in the bath

    Part No


    SBT6SBB Aqua 5 Plus
    SBT14SBB Aqua 12 Plus
    SBT28SBB Aqua 18 Plus/SBB Aqua 26 Plus


    Unstirred Water Bath – Lids

    Directs condensation away from immersed vessels, avoids contamination, reduces evaporation and saves energy*

    Part NoDescriptionFor
    AQL5Transparent polycarbonate lidJBN5
    AQL12Transparent polycarbonate lidJBN12
    AQL26Transparent polycarbonate lidJBN18/JBN26
    LU6*Stainless steel sloping lidJBN5
    LU14*Stainless steel sloping lidJBN12
    LU28*Stainless steel sloping lidJBN18/JBN26
    LF6**Flat lid with 2 ring setsJBN5
    LF14**Flat lid with 4 ring setsJBN12
    LF28**Flat lid with 6 ring setsJBN18/JBN26

    Accessory Notes

    * lid or spheres recommended for use above 60ºC
    ** with ring sets of variable hole diameter to accomodate tall vessels whilst reducing evaporation

    Unstirred Water Baths – Racks

    Choice of 8 variants to accommodate different tube diameters and microtubes

    Part No

    Tube size Ø



    Accessory Notes

    No of racks accommodated in JB Nova water baths:

    5 litres: 1 x J2
    12 litres: 2 x J2
    18 litres: 4 x J2
    26 litres: 4 x J2