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Sub Aqua Pro Unstirred Water Baths

Built to the highest standard and specifications and incorporating the latest technology the SUB Aqua Pro advanced water bath range supports even the most demanding applications requiring accurate temperature control.

A choice of eight models with a base tray and lid included as standard.

  • Temperature range ambient +5ºC to 99ºC operation
  • Stability: ±0.2ºC
  • Unique Set and Forget® technology - fast heat-up, accurate temperature control
  • Simple, intuitive controls - quick and easy to set temperature
  • Suitable for use with heat transfer beads (excluding SAP2 & SAP2S)
  • Adjustable over temperature alarm - protect samples from over heating
  • Practical front panel lock - disables front panel controls preventing unintentional changes


  • Sample preparation, sample incubation, sample warming, sample thawing, media preparation, QC materials and practical science demonstration
  • Markets: Pharma/biotech, education, industry, healthcare


Temperature rangeAmbient +5 to 99ºC
Temperature display and setting resolution0.1ºC
Stability (DIN 12876) @70ºC0.2 ±ºC
Temperature settingDigital
Front panel lock
Fixed thermal cut-out
Dry start/boil dry protection
User calibration2pt
Element free tank
Drain tap (12L and above)
Lid as standard
User adjustable over temperature alarm
Programmable temperature presets3
Countdown timer with audible alarm1 to 999 minutes
Supply voltage120 or 230V

Products in range


Model Number

Unit Size

SAP2 - no lid.jpgSAP22 L
SAP2S - no lid.jpgSAP2S2 L
SAP26 - no lid.jpgSAP2626 L
SAP5 - no lid.jpgSAP55 L
SAP12 - no lid.jpgSAP1212 L
SAP18 - no lid.jpgSAP1818 L
SAP34-no lid (3).jpgSAP3434 L
SAPD - SAP Dual - No lid.jpgSAPD12L


Drain Stopper

Recommended when using heat transfer beads, to prevent beads entering drain hole

Part No


UWB-DSPack of 5

Polypropylene Spheres

Ideal alternative to a lid*

Part No


Packs per bath

PS-20Pack of 300 polypropylene spheres1 x 5/12L, 2 x 18/26L, 3 x 38L

Accessory Notes

* Between operating temperatures 60ºC and 100ºC and below room temperature a lid or layer of polypropylene spheres should be used.

Raised Shelves

To allow accommodation of shallow vessels


Part No


RS14 - RS raised shelve.pngRS14For 12L bath
RS22.jpgRS22For 18L bath
RS28.jpgRS28For 26L or 38L bath
RS38.jpgRS38For 38L bath

Sub Aqua – Lids

Directs condensation away from immersed vessels, avoids contamination, reduces evaporation and saves energy*


Part No



AQL2.jpgAQL2Transparent polycarbonate lidSAP2/SAP2S
AQL5.jpgAQL5Transparent polycarbonate lidSAP2S/SAP5
AQL12.jpgAQL12Transparent polycarbonate lidSAP12
AQL26.jpgAQL26Transparent polycarbonate lidSAP18
LU6 - LU14 - LU24 - LU36 Stainless Steel Sloping Lid (1).jpgLU6Stainless steel sloping lidSAP2S/SAP5
LU6 - LU14 - LU24 - LU36 Stainless Steel Sloping Lid (1).jpgLU14Stainless steel sloping lidSAP12
LU28.jpgLU28Stainless steel sloping lidSAP18/SAP26
LU36.jpgLU36Stainless steel sloping lidSAP34
LF6.jpgLF6**Flat lid with 2 ring setsSAP5/SAPD
LF14.jpgLF14**Flat lid with 4 ring setsSAP12/SAPD
LF28.jpgLF28**Flat lid with 6 ring setsSAP18/SAP26
LF36.jpgLF36**Flat lid with 8 ring setsSAP34

Accessory Notes

* lid or spheres recommended for use above 60ºC
** with ring sets of variable hole diameter to accomodate tall vessels whilst reducing evaporation

Unstirred Water Baths – Base Tray

Required if flat-bottomed flasks are to be placed directly on the base of the bath and to promote thermal convection in the bath


Part No



Unstirred Water Baths – Racks

Choice of 8 variants to accommodate different tube diameters and microtubes


Part No

Tube size Ø



Accessory Notes

No of racks accommodated in JB Nova water baths:

5 litres: 1 x J2
12 litres: 2 x J2
18 litres: 4 x J2
26 litres: 4 x J2

Liquid Sanitiser – SANIT1

New liquid stabiliser for the prevention of bacterial growth, fungal growth and slime in water baths.

Part No


SANIT14x 1L bottles with measuring cup included

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