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UVR–Mi UV–Air Flow Cleaner–Recirculator

UV DNA/RNA recirculators are compact airflow exchange chambers with built-in UV lamps and a fan unit equipped with dust filters and a control unit. UV DNA/RNA recirculators provide active constant airflow in close vicinity to UV lamps, thus ensuring maximum efficiency of disinfection.

Powerful and efficient UV cleaner-recirculator with two UV lamps providing air disinfection in hospitals, research laboratories and clinics. The UV air flow cleaner-recirculator consists of 2 germicidal UV lamps, a fan unit equipped with dust filters and a control unit, confined in a flow through chamber.  The inner mirror surface of the recirculator chamber reflects ultraviolet rays thereby increasing the density of UV radiation and enhancing the disinfection effect.

  • Two UV-lamps
  • Full user protection from direct UV radiation;
  • Two operation modes — short time (under timer control) and continuous operation
  • Digital control unit allows tracking of overall UV lamp operating time.

Recirculators fixation:

  • Convenient fixation on walls (standard)
  • Mounting on a movable tripod (optional)


UV radiation source 25W Bactericidal, TUV25WG13 UV-C1 lamp
UV radiation level18 mW / cm2 / sec
Air-flow productivity14 m3/hour
Full user protection from direct UV light
UV lamp operation indicator
UV lamp lifetime counter
Automatic switch ON/OFF
Lamp fault detection
Nominal operating voltage230 V, 50 Hz or 120 V, 60 Hz
Power consumption (230V)125 VA (540 mA)
Power consumption (120V)160 VA (1.3 A)
Overall dimensions (h x d x w)660mm x 135mm x 110mm

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