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TS-DW - Deep well plate Thermoshaker

A thermoshaker designed for shaking and heating of deep well plates.

A multisystem principle, used in design of the thermoshaker allows it to operate as 3 independent devices:

  • Incubator
  • Plate shaker
  • Thermoshaker


Life science applications, molecular biology, cell biology lab, cell lysis, DNA isolation and purification, sample preparation for PCR, pellet re-suspension, or any other method where you have many samples that need mixing in deep well plates.


Deep well plate thermoshaker TS-DW
Mixing speed control rangerpm250 to 1400
Temperature control rangeºCAmbient +5 to 100
Temperature setting rangeºC+25 to 100
Orbit (diameter)mm2
Temperature uniformity+/ ºC0.1
Temperature accuracy+/-ºC0.5
Timer with sound alarm 1 min to 96 hrs
Heated lid Yes
Capacity 1 deep well plate, Eppendorf®, Sarstedt®, Axygen®, Starlab®, custom*
External power supply Input AC, 120-230V, 50-60Hz Output DC 12V
Input voltageV dc12
Power consumptionW58 (4.8A)


* must be ordered separately, custom fit may be possible with sample


Thermoshakers – TS-DW - Interchangeable blocks


Part No


B-2ABlock for one deep-well plate Axygen® 96/2200 µl
B-2EBlock for one deep-well plate Eppendorf® 96/1000 µl
B-2SBlock for one deep-well plate Sarstedt® 96/2200 µl
B-2SLBlock for one deep-well plate Starlab® 96/1200 µl

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