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MSV-3500 multi speed vortex

The Grant bio MSV-3500 is a versatile multi speed vortex mixer designed for soft or intensive mixing of reagents in different size and type plastic tubes (0.2 to 50ml).

  • Adjustable speed control: 300 to 3500rpm
  • 4mm orbit
  • Set and actual values of time and speed displayed
  • Acceleration time to max speed: 15 seconds
  • Speed and time under microprocessor control
  • LCD display indicates two lines of values: the set and actual values of speed and time


The MSV-3500 has four interchangeable platforms available:

SV-4/30 for 4 x 50ml (30mm) tubes

SV-10/10 for 10 x 10ml (12mm) tubes

SV-16/8 with 16/8/8 sockets for 1.5/0.5/0.2ml micro tubes

SV-8/15 for 8 x 15ml (16mm) tubes

Platforms are sold separately or available as part of a kit (MSV-3500 4P).



Designed for operation in lifescience laboratories working in the fields of biochemistry, cello and molecular biology.

Intensive stirring of bacterial and yeast cells, extraction of metabolites and enzymes from cells and cell cultures, and various DNA operations such as deproteinisation of DNA/protein complexes and purification of low molecular weight DNA/RNA fragments in PCR diagnostics.


Dimensions (h x d x w)145 x 170 x 180mm
Ambient temperature range+ 4 to 40ºC
Orbit ø4mm
Speed (max speed depends on load)300 to 3500rpm
Acceleration time to max speed15 seconds
Timer0–60 min / non-stop (increment 1 min)
Capacity0.2 up to 50ml
Maximum tube diameter30mm
External power supplyInput AC 120-230V, 50/60Hz Output DC 12V
Power consumption12W (1A)
Input voltage12V dc


MSV-3500 – Platforms

Part No


MSV-3500 4PMSV-3500 with 4 additional accessory platforms shown below:
SV-4/30Platform for 4 x 50ml (30mm) tubes
SV-10/10Platform for 10 x 10 ml (12mm) tubes
SV-16/8Platform for 10 x 10 ml (12mm) tubes
SV-8/15Platform for 8 x 15 ml (16mm) tubes

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