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PTR-35 and PTR-60 360° Vertical Multi-function

The PTR Series are compact variable-speed, variable-angle vertical rotators providing vertical rotation, reciprocation and vibration.

Features include:

  • 360° vertical rotation - creates long wave motion for mixing large particles
  • Reciprocation - creates long and medium wave motion for medium and large particles
  • Vibration - creates short wave motion for mixing for small particles
  • Pause

All actions may be set for continuous or timed operation, and individual phases may be linked together for absolute flexibility.

  • 360° vertical rotation, reciprocation and vibration can be set for continuous or timed operation, or linked together in different combinations to ensure optimum mixing conditions for your application
  • Choice of two models - PTR-35 or PTR-60 - with different speeds and microtube capacities
  • Vertical rotation speed: 1 to 100 rpm
  • Reciprocal rotation: 1 to 90° turning angle
  • Vibration: programmable in a burst of 1 to 5 seconds
  • Very easy to operate, with simple set-up of multi-segment programs via push buttons and the 2-line LCD status display, fully programmable sequence of functions, including pause
  • Capacity of up to 26 (PTR-35), 48 (PTR-60) microtubes and a maximum rotating speed of up to 100 rpm.
  • Optional accessory platform for accommodating tubes of different diameters
  • Reliable and extremely quiet motor produces regulated and reproducible rotation throughout the speed range
  • Compact with a low profile and small footprint - fits neatly into the workspace
  • Suitable to be used in cold rooms and incubators


Suitable for 360° vertical mixing applications including immuno precipitations and other affinity matrix applications, prevention of blood coagulation, latex diagnostics. Used in a variety of applications, from hybridisation reactions, cell growth, soft extraction and homogenisation of biological components in solution as well as reactions for binding and washing magnetic particles.


Dimensions (h x d x w)155 x 195 x 365mm230 x 230 x 430mm
Temperature range4 to 40ºC4 to 40ºC
Maximum load0.5kg0.8kg
Speed1 to 100 oscil/min (increment 1rpm)1 to 100 oscil/min (increment 1rpm)
Tilt angle (reciprocation mode)1 to 90º1 to 90º
Turning angle (reciprocation mode)1 to 5º1 to 5º
Display2 x 16 character LCD2 x 16 character LCD
Timer, with automatic switch-off1 minute to 24 hours1 minute to 24 hours
Timer setting range1 to 250 sec1 to 250 sec
Timer (vibration mode)1 to 5 sec1 to 5 sec
Pause1 to 5 sec1 to 5 sec
External power supplyInput AC 120-230V, 50/60Hz Output DC 12VInput AC 120-230V, 50/60Hz Output DC 12V
Power consumption8W (0.66A)18W (0.75A)
Input voltage12V dc24V dc


Vertical Multi-function – Platforms

 Part NoDescriptionFor
PRSC-10.jpgPRSC-10Heavy duty adaptor for 10 tubes ø 20-30mm tube volumes up to 50mlPTR-35
PRS-22.jpgPRSC-22Heavy duty adaptor for 22 tubes ø 15-20mm tube volumes up to 15mlPTR-35
PRS-10.jpgPRS-10For 10 tubes up to ø 20-30mm tube volumes up to 50mlPTR-35
PRS-26.jpgPRS-26Tube adaptor for 26 tubes up to ø 10-16mm tube volumes 1.5-15mlPTR-35
PRS-5-12.jpgPRS-5-12Combined platform for 5 tubes up to ø 20-30mm tube volumes 50ml and 12 tubes up to ø 10-16mm tube volumes 1.5-15mlPTR-35
PRS-1DP.jpgPRS-1DPPlatform for microplates, deep well plates and racks for tall tubes 0.5-1mlPTR-35
PRS-14.jpgPRS-14Platform for 14 tubes up to ø 20-30mm tube volumes up to 50mlPTR-60
PRS-48.jpgPRS-48 replacement platformFor 48 tubes up to ø 10-16mm tube volumes 1.5-15mlPTR-60
PRS-48.jpgPRS-48 replacement platformPlatform for 8 tubes up ø 20-30mm tube volumes up to 50ml and 22 tubes up to ø 10-16mm tube volumes up to 1.5-15mlPTR-60


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