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PTR-25 360° Vertical Mini Rotator

Mini-rotator provides vertical rotation of the platform.

It is an ideal instrument for preventing blood coagulations, for extraction, diffusion and dialyzing biological liquids in test tubes. PTR-25 is a compact device suitable for convenient use in small laboratories.

Compact, economy solution with simple to use controls, providing thorough mixing of samples in tubes up to 50 ml. Suitable for use in cold rooms and incubators.

  • 360° vertical rotation
  • Vertical rotation speed range: 5 to 30 rpm
  • Timer with audible alarm and automatic switch-off
  • Very easy to operate with simple controls and easy to view LED screen
  • Reliable and extremely quiet motor produces regulated rotation throughout the speed range
  • Compact with a low profile and small footprint – fits neatly into the workspace
  • Platform accommodating 22 tubes (up to 15mm diameter) is included as standard. See Accessories page for additional accessories.


Suitable for preventing blood coagulation in tubes and for fulfilment of procedures of extraction of biological components.


Dimensions155 x 190 x 325mm
Temperature range4 to 40ºC
Maximum load0.5kg
Speed5 to 30 oscil/min
Timer, with automatic switch-off1 minute to 24 hours
External power supplyInput AC 120-230V, 50/60Hz Output DC 12V
Power consumption1.3W (0.11A)
Input voltage12V dc


Vertical Mini Rotator – Platforms


Part No


PRS-22.jpgPRS-22For 22 tubes up to ø 16mm tube volumes 1.5-15ml (replacement platform)
PRSC-18.jpgPRSC-18Heavy duty tube adaptor for 18 tubes ø 15-20mm
PPRS4-12.jpgPPRS4-12Holds 4 tubes up to ø 20-30mm tube volume 50ml and 12 tubes up to ø 10-16mm tube volume 1.5-15ml

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