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ES-20/80C Shaker-Incubator with cooling

The advanced ES-20/80C shaker-incubator with cooling is designed for biotechnological and pharmaceutical laboratories.

The temperature range is from 10°C below ambient up to +80 °C with temperature uniformity of ±0.2°C at 37 °C. The ES-20/80C has a settable speed control range of 50-400 rpm (in 10rpm increments).

Cooling of the chamber is provided by additional Peltier modules allowing to cool until -12.5 °C from the ambient temperature. Additionally, an excellent sample temperature uniformity of ±0.2 °C at 37 °C is achieved.

The inner chamber is made of stainless steel. State-of-the-art motor, thermal insulation materials and parameter PID control decrease the energy consumption and make the shaker-incubator highly energy efficient despite its relatively large size.

Up to 3 units can be stacked, which enables you to save valuable floor and bench space. The new clear touchscreen display and simple interface provides a clear and intuitive control of parameters. It also allows data logging, storage and display over time.

Bluetooth® connectivity to PC allows for data management, data logging, parameter control and profiling in the included software.

Available with 5 interchangeable platforms and stacking kits. Must be ordered separately.


  • Microbial and cell culture cultivation
  • Protein expression
  • Solubility studies
  • General mixing in controlled conditions
  • Various other applications in the field of Life Science & Chemistry


Temperature setting range+4°C... +80°C
Temperature control range12.5°C below ambient... +80°C
Speed control range50–400 rpm (increment 10 rpm)
Temperature setting resolution0.1°C
Temperature accuracy at +37°C±0.1°C
Temperature uniformity at +37°C±0.2°C
Orbit20 mm
DisplayTFT, 5 inches
Digital time setting1 min–96 hrs / non–stop (1 min increment)
Timer sound signal+
Maximum load10.6 kg
PC system requirementsIntel/AMD Processor, 1 GB RAM, Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11, USB, Bluetooth
Dimensions of the inner chamber460 × 400 × 325 mm
Overall dimensions (W×D×H)620 × 620 × 510 mm
Weight50 kg
Power consumption (230V / 120 V)810 W (3.7 A) / -
Nominal operating voltage230 V, 50/60 Hz


ES-20/80C Options and Accessories

Part No:Description
ESSK2Stacking kit for 2 x ES-20/80C
ESSK3Stacking kit for 3 x ES-20/80C
BLUEADBluetooth adapter
PP-400Platform flat non-slip mat 360 x 400mm

Universal platform for different flasks (360 x 400ml).

Tight fit clamp for HSC-50 (50ml, diameter 50mm)

Tight fit clamp for HSC-100 (100ml, diameter 65mm)

Tight fit clamp for HSC-250 (250ml, diameter 85mm)

Tight fit clamp for HSC-500 (500ml, diameter 105mm)

Tight fit clamp for HSC-1000 (1000ml, diameter 130mm)

HSP-30/100Platform with clamps for 30 x 100-150ml flasks
HSP-6/1000Platform with clamps for 6 x 1000ml flasks
HSP-9/500Platform with clamps for 9 x 500ml flasks
HSP-16/250Platform with clamps for 16 x 250-300ml flasks
HSC-50Tight fit clamp for 50 ml flasks. For use with the UP-168 universal platform
HSC-100Tight fit clamp for 100 ml flasks. For use with the UP-168 universal platform
HSC-250Tight fit clamp for 250 ml flasks. For use with the UP-168 universal platform
HSC-500Tight fit clamp for 500 ml flasks. For use with the UP-168 universal platform
HSC-1000Tight fit clamp for 1000 ml flasks. For use with the UP-168 universal platform
TR-44/15Adjustable angle test tube rack for UP-168 (44 x 15ml tubes)
TR-21/50Adjustable angle test tube rack for UP-168 (21 x 50ml tubes)
SPMLDouble-sided adhesive strips for use with the UP-168 universal platform

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