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CVP-2 All-in-one PCR Plate Centrifuge/Vortex

All-in-one PCR plate centrifuge / vortex mixer that allows for the simultaneous sample preparation of multiple samples at one time.

Versatile through being able to hold un, semi and fully skirted PCR plates with no additional accessories required.

The CVP-2 offers 3 devices in one:

  • Centrifuge with vortex mixing
  • PCR plate centrifuge
  • PCR plate mixer

CVP-2 – Key features

  • Centrifuge and vortex mixer combined for significant time saving
  • Centrifugation mixing speed: 300 to 1500 rpm
  • Independent vortex and centrifuge timers with up to 999 cycles
  • Adjustable rpm or 4 programmable presets
  • Consistently prepare up to 192 samples continuously


Life science applications, molecular biology, cell biology lab, cell lysis, DNA isolation and purification, sample preparation for PCR, pellet re-suspension, mixing viscous liquids, or any other method where you need tube vortexing and centrifugation and have many samples, particularly in very small volumes.


Dimensions (h x d x w)190 x 350 x 285MM
Centrifuge mixing speed control range300 to 1500rpm
Vortex mixing speed control range300 to 1200rpm
Speed control increment100RPM
Centrifuge timer with sound alarm0 to 30 minutes
Vortex timer with sound alarm0 to 60 seconds
Centrifuge/vortex cycles1 to 999
Capacity2 un-, semi or fully skirted microplates
External Power supplyInput AC 120-230V, 50/60Hz Output DC 12V
Power consumption - 230V24W (1A)
Input voltage24V dc


Centrifuges – Accessories

Benchtop centrifuges

Benchtop centrifuges  LMC-4200R  low speed

Part No



R-6interchangeable centrifuge rotor for 6 x 50 ml tubes, with cap, conical endø29 x 115mm
R-12-10interchangeable centrifuge rotor for 12 x 10 to 15 ml tubes, rounded ends, no capsø16x 105mm
R-12-15interchangeable centrifuge rotor for 12 x 15 ml tubes, with cap, conical endø17x 120mm
R-2interchangeable centrifuge rotor for 2 microtitre platesSuitable for deepwell plates max dims 128 x 85.6 x 45mm (w x d x h)

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