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Low-power data-logger designed for indoor use by, or supervised by, a professional user.

The sq16plus boasts more advanced technology, giving faster logging speeds. With 3 and 4 wire PT resistance probe support, you get the best accuracy in temperature measurement.

Network ready, next generation technology

  • Game changing accuracy with precise data capture technology
  • Network ready plug and play
  • Remote monitoring with data capture anywhere and anytime via desktop or mobile device
  • Channel expansion up to 128 channels

Game-changing data accuracy, empower your industry

Pharmaceutical, thermal mapping, aerospace, automotive, quality control and compliance monitoring


No of channels single ended16 single ended or 8 differential inputs
Universal inputYes, including 2, 3 and 4 wire resistance
Voltage ranges; differential and single ended-0.3 to 0.3V, -1.5 to 2.5V, -6 to 10V, -40 to 60V
Common mode60V
Current ranges, differential (requires external 10Ω shunt) 
Thermocouple ranges; differential and single
4 to 20mA, -30 to +30mA 
K-type -200 to 1372°C 
R-type -50 to 1768°C 
B-type 250 to 1820°C 
T-type -200 to 400°C 
S-type -50 to 1768°C 
C-type 0 to 2320°C 
N-type -200 to 1300°C 
J-type -200 to 1200°C 
D-type 0 to 2320°C
Resistance ranges, 2,3 & 4 wire

0-2000R and 0-300000R 2-wire

0-4000R 3-wire 

0-4000R 4-wire

Thermistor ranges 
Pt100/1000, 2-wire
U, UU, Y & S – type – 50 to +150°C & customer specific thermistors 
-200 to 850°C
Internal reference temperature-55 to 150°C
Pulse count ranges 
Digital state/event ranges
0 to 100Hz (2 input) 0 to 64kHz (2 input) 
0 to 34,360,000,000 count 
8 state inputs or 1 x 8 bit binary
Digital/alarm outputs4 open drain FETs, 40V, 0.1A
A/D resolution32 bit
Accuracy0.1% of range + 0.1% of reading
Clock resolution/accuracy1s/10ppm
Sampling ratesUp to 100 readings per second on 2 channels
Data statisticsYes from within new SquirrelView plus PC software
Calculated channelsYes, up to 16
Memory internal16GB, approximately 800 million readings
Multi function buttonLED Status indication and start/stop
Internal battery6 x AA cells
Battery life 
External power
up to 6 months all channels logging every 15 minutes 
Yes, 8 to 38v dc or via USB
Sensor power output8-38V at 150mA when connected to external power supply
NetworkingVia USB or open thread
Modem supportVia USB hub
Actions & triggers PC setup 
Front panel setup
  • Four alarm outputs, fully configurable actions and triggers 
  • Yes, SquirrelView compatible 
  • Via smartphone app. All essential functionality available via app e.g. channel configuration, start/stop logging etc. Other advanced functions e.g. calculated channels and channel descriptions are available via connection to a PC running SquirrelView
Stored setups6
Operating temperature-20 to 65°C
Dimensions (w x d x h)/ weight 
Working environment
257mm x 206mm x 57.3mm, 1.5kg 
– 30 to 65°C, RH up to 95% (non-condensing)

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