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Protective Enclosures

Grant offers a range of enclosures to protect Squirrel loggers in rugged applications and challenging environments.

These include weatherproof enclosures for outdoor operation and thermal barriers for through process applications involving exposure to heat or cold.

  • Robust plastic or stainless steel construction
  • Maximum protection for harsh conditions

Weatherproof enclosures

A range of enclosures and carrying cases to suit all Squirrel data loggers. Protect the logger in harsh operating environments.

  • Robust, plastic, weatherproof cases (which can be padlocked) for maximum protection and security in harsh environments
  • PEL4 for SQ2020/2040 data loggers, size: 41cm x 33cm x 18cm
  • PEL1 for SQ2010 data logger, size: 34cm x 29cm x 15cm, Other sizes also available to order
  • Standard enclosures with protection rating up to IP65
  • Optional industrial enclosures giving protection up to IP68
  • Customisable to suit specific applications

Thermal barriers

Thermal barriers are insulated containers designed to keep heat out so that the Squirrel data logger inside remains at a safe operation temperature for a specified duration. Grant offers a wide range of thermal barriers with different time/temperature specifications.

  • Provides protection to Squirrel data loggers when used in high temperature oven profiling applications (static or conveyor)
  • A range of standard and customised models with different performance characteristics
  • Made from stainless steel, for years of use
  • Barriers available for very high temperature applications – manufactured to order
  • Suitable for applications in food, powder coating, stove enamelling, ceramic, kiln and furnace
  • Can be constructed using special phase change material for added protection for very high temperature applications.

Customised barriers

Thermal Barriers are available in standard sizes or can be customised to suit your specific requirements. For customised barriers we require details of your application, oven aperture size and expected worst case temperature profile. For customised barriers please complete the Custom Barrier Questionnaire and return to

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