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Through Process Data Logging System

If you are heat treating products in your manufacturing process, you need to know that they have been exposed to the right temperature for the right amount of time in order to ensure consistent product quality.

By passing a Grant OQ610 oven logger - protected by a thermal barrier - through your process, a temperature profile can be produced that will show you exactly what is happening to your products and the process.

Benefits of through process monitoring include improved quality of your product and increased efficiency, reduced energy costs, quality assurance reports for compliance and traceability and complete quality control for your process.


Complete system for through process monitoring based on 6-channel Squirrel OQ610

  • High accuracy
  • Compact and simple to use
  • USB connectivity for direct print-out of temperature readings with time and date
  • Can be configured to automatically start and stop logging on time or temperature levels
  • Can provide automatic cure calculation in through process applications
  • Wide choice of temperature probes and thermal barriers


  • Food Manufacturing including cakes, bread, confectionery, meat fish, poultry, beverages, dairy products, pizza, pasta, ready made meals as well as chilled and frozen foods
  • Surface Coatings; powder coating & stove enamelling
  • Furnaces, kilns and any form of oven or conveyor system


Analogue input channels6
Input types: 
- Temperature, K Thermocouple
- Temperature, T Thermocouple
Temperature measuring range-200°C to 1300°C (K type)
 -200°C to 400°C (T type)
Max number of readings (per second per channel)8
Accuracy-50 to 500°C, ±0.5°C
 -200 to 1300°C, ±1.0°C
Displayalphanumeric display 2 x 16 characters; shows cure pass/fail, battery status, probes connected, real time readings and communication to printer or PC
Memory size/number of readings stored0.25Mb
USB communications
Power supply2 x AA cells to give 200 hours operation at default settings
Dimensions and weight (l x w x h)148 x 95 x 21mm, 450 g
Operating environmenttemperature range -30 to 65°C
 humidity 95%
Set-up/analysis softwareSquirrelView*
Temperature probes (K or T thermocouple)optional (choose from the Grant range)
TB series thermal barrier (for through process monitoring in the food industry) or CI606-Q thermal barrier (for use in paint and finishing ovens)optional (choose from the Grant range)
*SquirrelView PC software is supplied as standard with every new Squirrel. SquirrelView Plus is available at extra cost. 

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