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“Filter and zap” for safer indoor air, says Cambridge tech company

Press Release

Now that summer is over, we are all breathing more indoor air

That means more COVID risk, especially in public spaces.  In response, Grant Instruments, one of Cambridge’s longest established tech businesses, has rapidly developed a solution which is already in use at the University of Cambridge and various businesses.

“First we clean the air with a medical-grade HEPA13 filter, then we zap any remaining virus with powerful UVC ultraviolet lamps” said Mark Davison, their CEO.  Both technologies are well proven, but Grant Instruments combined them and beefed them up with a powerful fan to produce a neat, enclosed, free-standing device that cleans air quickly, safely and discreetly.  “We needed to adapt our business quickly to the COVID crisis, and our team designed and built this product in record time” said Mark.

The air purifying ap360 devices have already enabled customers to re-open communal indoor spaces, such as gyms and libraries. Where people need to use specific locations and equipment, or collaborate in person, the ap360 is making that process safer.




We each breathe around 360 litres of air per hour.  Unless that stale air is ventilated or disinfected, any exhaled viruses can hang around and infect other occupants. Buildings with large numbers of unrelated people, such as schools, universities, medical settings and workplaces, are especially vulnerable. The ap360 cleans up to 360 thousand litres per hour, so even a busy room is kept fresh and safe.

Grant Instruments is based in Shepreth, near Cambridge and has been established almost 70 years. It is a world-leading supplier of scientific and laboratory equipment, and exports globally.

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