Grant rolls out new brand refresh

Wednesday, 31 October 2018
Grant Branding

As a reflection of our evolution and growth, Grant is proud to announce that we have developed a new visual identity, giving our brand a fresh new look. 

At the heart of our business, our brand has always represented innovation, trust, product durability and speed of service. We are proud of the integrity and heritage of Grant’s brand and were keen to maintain this but add more meaning and purpose and to elevate our visual identity to the next level.

We have opted for a soft rollout plan and are updating both online and offline marketing assets, so keep watching this space! The rollout will be completed over time, phasing out the existing brand, all of which begins this week. 

“Grant is focused on providing outstanding customer service and delivering high-quality products to laboratories, healthcare and industrial markets. The whole team at Grant values transparency, integrity and a customer-centric approach, we are focused on continued growth by making sure our core values play a central role in our daily work,” said Linda Harvey, Grant’s Managing Director. Linda went on to add “I am delighted with the new branding, as it demonstrates that Grant are adapting to the current market (its trends) and continuing to grow as industry leaders.”