• 2YL-M37-4M Multi Terminal Input Logger

    Flexible input logger with terminal blocks for two external sensors types PT100/1000, T/C, voltage, current, digital RH/T, soil moisture. Input for Strain Gauge sensors.4 Million readings, measuring range -40 to +90ºC, IP65 rated.

    Supplied with YoyoLog View software, USB lead and long life battery.

    Key Features

    • Plugs included to connect 1 or 2 sensors
    • Status LED: – Indicates Alarm – Low Battery Warning
    • Works with many standard sensors – configurable
    • 2YL-T37-4M: – Strain Gauge – Logger can supply a high precision constant current

    Test and measurement

    Uptime monitoring of harbour cranes, photovoltaic systems. Recording on-board voltage of a racing car or helicopter. All kinds of analogue signals from sensors/transducers.

    Weather monitoing

    Monitoring outside temperature / humidity and via connected sensors also soil moisture and rainfall


    Measure AC current with current clamps


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