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Collaboration Range


DataTaker® is a longstanding Grant partner who is based in Melbourne, Australia. DataTaker® specialises in design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of expandable rugged data logging systems for complex applications. Based on the renowned DataTaker® loggers and the compatibility of common sensors without the need for extra modules, these rugged instruments offer systems designers, engineers and scientists an easily integrated solution using ethernet, wireless and modem communication with up to over 300 sensor inputs.

Grant acts as the sole importer and distributor of DataTaker® products in the United Kingdom.

Eltek Ltd

Eltek Ltd and Grant collaborated in 1985, with Grant taking 50% ownership. Along with Grant, Eltek are conveniently located down the road from Grant, on the outskirts Cambridge. They specialise in the design and manufacture of wireless data logging systems, based on the Squirrel data logger. The Eltek GenII radio data logging system enables sensors to be connected to the Receiver Logger through a radio link, ideal where communications across a river, road or simply a large site need to be made quickly and effectively. Common applications include; monitoring of buildings, ground water monitoring and 'through process' monitoring in food production and paint finishing.