Case Studies

We partner with customers and communities to deliver data acquisition solutions, on a worldwide scale. We’re proud to say we’ve been established for over 35 years, providing data logging solutions to a wide range of industries.

Like to learn more about our work? Here are some examples of applications and problems that we have solved. If you cannot find one here that applies why not get in touch with our dedicated data acquisition team today and discover how they can help you.

Determining Concrete Maturity Using Temperature Data Loggers

Thermo King is researching alternative diesel fuel mixtures to increase the utilisation of clean burning fuels in their refrigeration diesel units.

Matrix Polymers are suppliers of raw materials as used in the plastics rotary moulding industry. They offer a comprehensive technical support service to their customer base. Part of this service includes technical advice and assistance to maximise their customers' production efficiency.

Inditherm conductive polymer based, low voltage heating  systems are widely used in applications as diverse as muscle warming and the warming of patients in the medical sector, critical temperature management in the industry, concrete curing and under-pitch heating in the sports industry.

It is well known that thermal insulation used in the construction industry is important to everyone in our attempts to improve energy efficiency and to help the Planet by reducing green house gas emissions. Unfortunately, if this insulation material is not stored in the correct way or in a poor environment it can absorb a significant amount of moisture. This moisture then has a very adverse effect on its insulating properties and greatly affects its efficiency.

The river rose and fell quite visibly through out the year, so a local environmental group set up a study to find out just how much it varied and to correlate data against the amount of rainfall.

The end customer required a process monitoring and testing exercise to be conducted to assist in the development of a QA procedure for the production of crisp and even roast potatoes.

Grant Squirrel Data Loggers Offer a Portable Temperature Profiling Solution