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Our core capabilities

Core capabilities

  • Precision thermal control, heating and cooling
  • Data acquisition, analysis and communication
  • Equipment design, end-to-end project management
  • Professional procurement and manufacturing
  • Standards testing, subject to customer needs

Our experience

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Over the past 70 years Grant have built up a global reputation for designing and building innovative products and solutions across scientific, healthcare and industrial markets. We have successfully supplied and designed a range of custom products to defence, aerospace, petrochemical, electronics, semi-conductor, industrial and life-science markets, supporting customers such as The Max Planck Institute, Rolls Royce, Leica, Thales Optics, Xennia, Xaar, Inca and Universal Sensors.

We understand that quality is paramount. That is why we ensure the highest of standards are met. Our products can meet CE, UL, CSA regulatory requirements, depended on customer needs and Grant are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2004 compliant. We have built up a strong record in manufacturing for highly regulated markets and we make sure our products pass regulatory approvals as specified by each customer.

Project management


We are proud to have our own in-house engineers that have extensive experience of incorporating concepts into products to address the needs of the market. Grant have a deep-rooted understanding on a wide range of applications from accurate temperature control, sample handling and preparation, material testing and quality control, medical analysis and diagnostics, to chemical and pharmaceutical evaluation. Our specialists come from a broad range of disciplines and are experts in design, engineering and manufacturing. Every custom solutions project will be assigned our Technical Sales Manager – Custom and PL who will be available from design through to production to answer any questions that may arise.

Custom Temperature Control Baths


Built to the precise requirements of our customers, Grant can offer custom built baths for a range of applications. Our extensive experience in precision temperature control allows Grant to offer both low temperature baths or high temperature oil baths that can be designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs. We have successfully developed a number of custom built baths, including unstirred, shaking, refrigerated and circulating baths. Some application examples include; calibration, viscometry and black body radiation measurement.

All custom baths can be labelled and branded to your exact specifications, contact us for more information.

Block Heaters

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We have a wealth of experience working with customers to design custom dry well blocks for the incubation of samples in a variety of containers, ensuring accurate temperature control of critical samples. We can manufacture blocks for all shapes and sizes of vials, ampoules and sample tubes. Some application examples include: cryopreservation research and aircraft jet engine oil testing.


Heat Exchangers


Precise temperature control from Grant is applied in many heat exchanger applications where accurate cooling or heating control is required, from controlling the freezing rate of micro samples of cells in cryopreservation, to providing a stable temperature for an industrial vibrator in an enviromental chamber, to maintaining a highly uniform temperature along a 10 metre plasma cell at the world’s largest particle accelerator experiments.



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