Case Studies

We partner with customers and communities around the world every day to deliver the broadest range of bespoke temperature control solutions on the market. Grant are incredibly proud of the work we do globally, we’ve been doing it for over 67 years after all.

Want to know what our customers and partners have to say about us? Here are some examples of applications and problems that we have solved. If you cannot find one here that applies why not get in touch with our dedicated customs team today to see how they can help you solve your problems.

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Ultra high precision lithography temperature control

Leica in Cambridge market electron beam systems for wafer fabrication and approached Grant to replace a temperature control system used in the focusing coils of a state of the art hi resolution system.

Aircraft head-up display manufacture

THALES Optics, specialises in the design, development and manufacture of electro-optical systems, sub-systems, modules and components to meet the needs of defence, aerospace, civil, industrial and space markets around the world.

Marine study

Filtration in salt water at sub-ambient temperatures.

Automotive industry

To develop a test bed to study the hysteresis in engine thermostats and to produce a batch production quality control system to check that the thermostats manufactured always open and close at the required temperature.

Petrochemical and oil testing

A range of 20 instruments for testing lubricating oils and petrochemicals including Reid vapour pressure, pour point, cold filter plugging point, oxidisation, corrosion and foaming baths, together with a Norma Hoffman bath and evaporation cell.


Homogenisation of soil and clay samples in preparation for environmental analysis of poly aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). The system had to loosen complex clay samples and allow pre-analytical extraction of PAH's.

Inkjet printing

Control of temperature in industrial inkjet print heads for research and production systems.

Potentiometric microplate reading system

Universal Sensors have designed a ground breaking potentiometric biosensor reader for microplates and needed a partner to re-layout the electronics, take through EMC for laboratory CE standards and manufacture a product that could be ramped up in volume. The unit provides ultra sensitive detection down to 10 parts per trillion. Applications are in the pharmaceutical, clinical and environmental monitoring markets.