Aircraft head-up display manufacture

Aircraft head-up display manufacture


THALES Optics, specialises in the design, development and manufacture of electro-optical systems, sub-systems, modules and components to meet the needs of defence, aerospace, civil, industrial and space markets around the world.


In October 2005, Grant Instruments was approached to provide temperature control systems for two wet benches to coat glass sheets used in head up display modules in military and civilian aircraft. We were asked to improve an original design. The process requires rapid heating and cooling of individual tanks within a 25 - 35°C temperature range.

Grant's skill and technology

The combination of Grant Flow heater technology and re-circulating chillers and system integration combined to give us the building blocks to rapidly develop a system to make measurements.

The outcome

Grant's solution was to heat each tank via a stainless steel coil heat exchanger with our new FH60 flow heaters with added priming reservoirs and modified controls.  The cooling for each bench was provided by one RC3000G re-circulating chiller.  The heaters and cooler were connected to the heat exchangers via a system of valved manifolds and interconnecting pipework. This allowed for individual control of each tank. The system was installed at a new premises 3 months after the order.

Our tests showed that our stability, uniformity and speed of response met, and in some cases, exceeded the specifications laid down by the customer.