Sub Aqua Pro - Lids

Sub Aqua Pro Stainless Steel Sloping Lids
Sub Aqua Pro Lids
Directs condensation away from immersed vessels, avoids contamination, reduces evaporation and saves energy*
Part NoDescriptionFor
AQL2Transparent polycarbonate lidSAP2/SAP2S
AQL5Transparent polycarbonate lidSAP2S/SAP5
AQL12Transparent polycarbonate lidSAP12
AQL26Transparent polycarbonate lidSAP18
LU6Stainless steel sloping lidSAP2S/SAP5
LU14Stainless steel sloping lidSAP12
LU28Stainless steel sloping lidSAP18/SAP26
LU36Stainless steel sloping lidSAP34
LF6**Flat lid with 2 ring setsSAP5/SAPD
LF14**Flat lid with 4 ring setsSAP12/SAPD
LF28**Flat lid with 6 ring setsSAP18/SAP26
LF36**Flat lid with 8 ring setsSAP34
Accessory Notes: 

* lid or spheres recommended for use above 60ºC
** with ring sets of variable hole diameter to accomodate tall vessels whilst reducing evaporation