YL-M32 MicroV Log
2 x ext sensor
YL-M33/M34 V&C
1-2 x ext channels
YL-M41/42 Pulse Log
1 or 2 x ext channels
YL-M61 LuxLog
1 x int sensors
YL-M62 Lux/RH/Temp
3 x int sensors
YL-M90 MultiLog
1xint 2 x ext sensors
IMG_0015 copy.png

M33-and -M34

One or two external analogue channels. The channel is programmable for either
voltage (0..1V/0..5V/0..10V) or current (0..24mA).
The logger can record output signals from almost every type of transmitter or probe.

Download Brochure HERE

  YL-M33 V&C Log
1 x external voltage and current channel
YL-M34 V&C Log
2 x external voltage and current channels
Upgraded Memory Humidity Logger YL-M33-4M YL-M34-4M
Temperature operating range with
CR2477N battery
->-30 to +70°C
Temperature operating range with
CR2450HT battery
-40...+90°C *
Cable YY-CS for ranges 0 to 1V
YY-CU for ranges > 1V
YY-CI for ranges 0 to 24mA
Accuracy 0.1% of range
Dimensions d x h (mm) 50/30
Standard memory capacity/Upgraded memory capacity 100,000 readings/ 4 million readings
Interval 1 sec to 24h / Fastmode 32, 16, 8, 4, 2Hz
Enclosure Robust, shock-proof POM, protection class IP65
Standard lithium battery life 4 years @ 1 min / 230 days @ 10 sec / 25 days @ 1 sec

Included in delivery: Data logger, 1 standard battery, Software YoyoView, USB cable, manual, declaration of conformity

* Using the logger within the extended temperature operating range requires the use of the CR2450HT battery.

Input ranges
Range 0 to 1V 0 to 2.5V 0 to 5V 0 to 10V 0 to 24mA
Resolution µV * 15.4 38.9 76.9 154 0.36µA
Input impendance Mohm 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 10 Ohmshunt

* input ranges can be measured at 32 Hz. At 32 Hz the maximum resolution is ten times of the above value.
Note: A YY-CU cable with integrated potential divider is required in order to connect voltage signals. Current signals require the YY-CI cable.



YY-CS Connecting cable for ranges 0 to 1 volts.


YY-CU Connecting cable for ranges between 1 and 10 volts.


YY-CI Connecting cable for current inputs up to 23mA.

IMG_0056 copy.png

Wall Holder Enables you to securely install the logger onto walls. Complete with tamper-evident lead seal.

IMG_0061 copy.png

Lead seal kit For Temperatue and Humidity Loggers contains 50 pieces of wire and 50 numbered lead tamper-evident seals for single use. These are manually closed around the wire and can only be released by cutting.


YoyoView Software In addition to the functionalities of the included basic software, the optional upgrade allows more complex analysis of data, creation of charts and calculation of data statistics.
» Three scaleable Y-axes
» Zoom function
» Cursor readings
» Display in spreadsheet format
» Combination of a series of measurements in one chart
» Definition of thresholds
» Y/T-charts (values over time)
» Statistics (min, max, and average values)
» Online metering (display actual values)


Test and measurement  Uptime monitoring of harbour cranes, photovoltaic systems. Recording on-board voltage of a racing car or helicopter. All kinds of analogue signals from sensors/transducers.


Measure AC current with current clamps


Weather monitoing 
Monitoring outside temperature / humidity and via
connected sensors also soil moisture and rainfall.