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2YL-RH23E-4M Humidity Logger

Integrated pressure sensor and external temperature and humidity sensor, 100mm long probe. 4 Million readings, measuring range -40 to +100ºC, IP65 rated.

Supplied with YoyoLog View software, USB lead and long life battery.

Key Features
• Rugged IP65 housing
• Ideal for Ambient RH and Pressure measurement
• Status LED: - Indicates Alarm - Low Battery Warning
• 2YL-RH23E-4M: Humidity, Temperature sensors mounted externally. Internal Barometric Pressure

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Dimensions (d x h)   50 x 130mm
Ambient temperature range -40 to +90ºC
Measuring range -40 to +90ºC
Accuracy  ±1.5 hPA/±0.5 hPA
Internal sensor resolution 0.01K
Signal input Free or low level pulses <0.5 VDC and high, between 2 and 3 VDC - with YY-CS cable
Memory capacity (readings) 4 million
Active start • 
Sensor type  Built in Temperature and RH, 2 x Ext. PT1000
Humidity Sensor
(Internal abd External)
0 to 100% RH/0.01% RH 
Barometric Pressure Range & Resolution  10 to 1100 hPa/0.1 hPa 
Intervals 1 second to 24 hours or Fastmode 2 Hz
IP rating 65
Battery type LITH-12

Battery life (Logging Speed)
1 minute

4 years
10 seconds 230 days
1 second 25 days
Robust, shock proof

Supplied with YoyoLog View software, USB lead and long life battery.

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Specs YY external T 20_23_25_61_90.jpg


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Wall Holder Enables you to securely install the logger onto walls. Complete with tamper-evident lead seal.

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Lead seal kit For Temperatue and Humidity LoggersContains 50 pieces of wire and 50 numbered lead tamper-evident seals for single use. These are manually closed around the wire and can only be released by cutting.


YoyoView Software In addition to the functionalities of the included basic software, the optional upgrade allows more complex analysis of data, creation of charts and calculation of data statistics.
» Three scaleable Y-axes
» Zoom function
» Cursor readings
» Display in spreadsheet format
» Combination of a series of measurements in one chart
» Definition of thresholds
» Y/T-charts (values over time)
» Statistics (min, max, and average values)
» Online metering (display actual values)

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Solar Radiation Screen Protecting the external humidity/temperature sensor from the effects of direct sunlight and rainfall when used in out-of-doors. Optimises measurement accuracy in eviromental / climatic data collection.


Environmental monitoring 

Barometric pressure compensating for waterlevel measurements, climate survey for environmental studies, recording in weather balloon

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Ambient conditions in laboratories, calibration laboratories