XUB Series Digital Ultrasonic Baths

XUB and XUBA ultrasonic water baths range - options and accessories
Replacement ABS lid 
Reduce operating noise and potential escape of aerosols (supplied as standard with the baths)  XAL5  XAL10  XAL12  XAL18  XAL25  XAL1  XAL3 
Replacement baskets 
Support the items to be processed and work with the lid as a drip collection unit (supplied as standard with the baths)  XAB5  XAB10  XAB12  XAB18  XAB25  XAB1  XAB3 
Internal basket dimensions including handle w/d/h mm  265 x 120 x 140 467 x 100 x 115 263 x 203 x 193 295 x 267 x 160 463 x 263 x159 115 x 95 x 87 208 x 115 x 98
Ultrasonic solution 
General purpose detergent for use with ultrasonic baths. Pack of 6 x 1L bottles  M2 Sol  M2 Sol  M2 Sol  M2 Sol  M2 Sol  M2 Sol  M2 Sol