TXF200 - Heating Circulator

Product Calibration

A product calibration service is available which includes a calibration certificate, traceable to national standards.  Please enquire prior to placing order. 


Clamp allows heating circulator to be attached to virtually any vertical sided vessel with a maximum wall thickness of 35mm for rectangular tanks, 30mm for circular tanks (300mm diameter), and capacity up to 50L. 

ST Stainless Steel and P Plastic Tanks
Capacity (L) Outer tank dimensions

Working area
(d x w)

Min/max liquid depths

Inner tank dimensions
(h x d x w)

ST5 - 5 L stainless steel

150 x 150 mm

85/140 mm

300 x 150 x 150 mm

ST12 - 12 L stainless steel

205 x 300 mm

85/140 mm 

325 x 300 x 150 mm

ST18 - 18 L stainless steel

385 x 300 mm

75/130** mm 

505 x 300 x 150 mm

ST26 - 26 L stainless steel

385 x 300 mm

125/180** mm

505 x 300 x 200 mm 

ST38 - 38 L stainless steel

575 x 300 mm

125/180** mm 

690 x 300 x 200 mm 

P5 - 5 L plastic

120 x 150 mm

85/140 mm

240 x 160 x 150 mm

P12 - 12 L plastic

210 x 280 mm

85/140 mm 

325 x 280 x 155 mm 

P18 - 18 L plastic

280 x 375 mm

85/140 mm 

510 x 290 x 155 mm 

 General purpose digitalAdvanced digital
Labwise™ PC software (optional)
Allows two-way communication for status display, programming and data capture, USB/RS232 cables provided - - YES YES
External probes (optional)
TXPEP flexible plastic probe, 3m cable - - YES YES
TXSEP stainless steel probe, 3m cable - - YES YES
Remote switching device (optional)
For switching appliances on and off (up to max. 8 Amps) - - 1 1
to help reduce evaporation/heat loss and avoid sample contamination

for continuous use with water above 90°C. Stainless steel.

Polypropylene spheres*
300 spheres in one pack
(no. of packs required)
Rack systems †
to optimise use of available bath capacity (no. of racks accommodated)
Raised shelves to allow shallow vessels to be accommodated Accessory cooling systems**
to allow systems to operate at or below ambient temperature by means of a cooling coil dipped into the bath; designed for minimal impact on working area
Refrigerated immersion coolers Consist of a cooling coil connected to a refrigeration unit by a flexible pipe. Extract heat continuously, with the bath control unit controlling temperature Heat exchange coil Designed to be attached to a supply of cooling tap water or a refrigerated circulator

(0 to 40°C***)

(- 15 to 40°C***)

(2°C above coolant temperature)

STL5 flat stainless steel  - 1 x PS20 1 x QR - YES - YES
STL12 gabled, hinged (removable) stainless steel


1 x PS20 2 x VR RS14 YES - YES
STL26 for ST18 tank gabled, hinged (removable) stainless steel LST26 2 x PS20 4 x VR RS22 YES - YES

STL26 for ST26 tank  gabled, hinged (removable) stainless steel


2 x PS20 4 x VR RS28 YES YES YES
STL38 gabled, hinged (removable) stainless steel LST38 3 x PS20 6 x VR RS28 or RS38 YES YES YES
PL5 flat, stainless steel  - 1 x PS20 1 x QR - - - -
PL12 curved plastic  - 1 x PS20 2 x VR RS14 - - -
PL18 curved plastic  - 2 x PS20 4 x VR RS22 - - -
* Between operating temperatures 60°C and 100°C and below room temperature a lid or layer of polypropylene spheres should be used. 
** The cooling coil can be continuously immersed in liquids up to 100°C with the cooler switched off, and may be used to cool liquid down from 100°C, but it is not designed for continuous operation above 40°C.
*** Minimum operating temperature without accessory cooling is ambient + 5°C,  (amb. + 15°C for P5 and ST5 tanks).
† Rack capacity (no. of test tubes per rack)
VR racks   Tube size Capacity   QR racks Tube size Capacity
VR-13   Ø10-13 mm 65   QR-13 Ø10-13 mm 30
VR-19   Ø16-19 mm 36   QR-19 Ø16-19 mm 16
VR-24   Ø24 mm 23   QR-24 Ø24 mm 10
VR-30   Ø30 mm 14   QR-30 Ø30 mm 5
VR-SE   0.5 ml 102   QR-SE 0.5 ml 44
VR-LE   1.5ml 75   QR-LE 1.5 ml 35

CG refrigerated immersion coolers  (to use in combination with ST stainless steel tanks)

Refrigerated coolers consist of a cooling coil connected by a flexible pipe to a refrigeration unit, which is housed in an outer case; immersion coolers extract heat continuously, with temperature control carried out by the bath's control unit.

CW5 heat exchange coil: is designed to be attached to a supply of cooling tap water, or a refrigerated circulator.

Grant accessory cooling systems for combination with ST stainless steel tanks

 Refrigerated immersion coolersHeat exchange coil
Cooling power @ 20°C W 350 400 -
  @ 0°C W 110 320 -
  @ - 10°C W - 170 -
Overall consumption   VA 300 500 -
Dimensions d/w/h mm 460/305/225 -
Weight   kg 17 21


Flexible pipe l mm 925 925 -
Coil Ø/l mm 77/55 77/55 77/55
Pipe bore inlet/outlet   mm - - 7
Electrical supply    V 120 (60 Hz) or 230 (50Hz) -
Refrigeration units
Capacity (L)
Outer tank dimensions

Working area
(d x w)

Min/max liquid depths 


R4 - 20 L stainless steel

230 x 305 mm

85/140 mm

40.6 kg

R5 - 12 L stainless steel

260 x 115 mm

125/180 mm

48.3 kg