Temperature gradient plate for seed germination efficacy testing

At the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide (South Australia) we have been using the Grant Temperature Gradient Plate to help safeguard threatened plants against extinction.  Being able to test a large number of different temperatures at the one time allows us to identify species that are most likely to be impacted by temperature shifts caused by climate change.  We can then prioritise species to be collected and entered into our seed bank.  The Grant Thermogradient Plate is extremely reliable and is an essential part of our lab.

Dr Phil Ainsley
Botanic Gardens of Adelaide

At the Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation we have found the Grant Temperature Gradient Plate an indispensible tool in the seedbank laboratory for climate change investigations. We have used the equipment to screen seeds of a wide range of plant species under multiple constant and fluctuating temperature regimes with a view to highlighting species potentially vulnerable to global warming. Over the past 4 years the equipment has provided us with some excellent data to help us understand the seed biology of our native plants. This data has generated much interest with colleagues in Australia who have since purchased a Grant Temperature Gradient Plate.

Anne Cochrane
Department of Environment and Conservation, Bentley, WA