SQ1600 Resetting Time and Date back to 1996

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This issue affects all Squirrel SQ1600 data loggers and becomes apparent on data logged after the 10th August 2009.


The SQ1600 has reset its date and time and it is not possible to set to the current date and time. The electronic processor used is no longer supported and it is not possible to upgrade it.


Downloaded data shows a date and time starting at Midnight 1st January 1996 and the SQ1600 also displays a date and time of this period.


This product is no longer supported and there is no technical solution or fix available to correct this.
However, we have a work-around to assist the end users:

  • Using SquirrelView set the logger to the correct current date and time BUT set the year to be 12 years in the past, i.e for 2010 the year will be required to be set to 1998
  • Download the data and export to Excel.
  • Run the Excel Macro we have developed (Download Macro) and the year (1998) will be automatically updated to the current year.
  • The Macro is a text file. In Excel create a new macro and copy and paste the text into the Macro Editor.


 Should you have any questions regarding this problem notification then please do not hesitate to contact your local dealer or the Grant Instruments technical support department. acquisitiontech@grant.co.uk

Date of Issue: 09/2009

Version TN-1600-001