OQ610 series USB communication Issue

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OQ610 series and any PC using SIS 7001 series chipsets, this can be confirmed in Windows by going into the Control panel->system->Hardware->device manager and viewing the USB controllers.


This is related to the 610 not communicating with the software due to a certain USB chip set in some PCs. This is a compatibility issue between the logger and users using PCs with USB SIS 7001 chipsets.


USB driver is recognised and installed on the PC, logger appears on the assistant but communication is not possible.


Upgrade to Squirrel View version 3.9 or if using Paint View version 2.9 and return the logger to Grant Instruments for a firmware upgrade to version 2.2


Should you have any questions regarding this problem notification then please do not hesitate to contact your local dealer or the Grant Instruments technical support department. acquisitiontech@grant.co.uk

Date of issue: 03/2006

Version TN-610-002