Labwise: Unable to set Optima temperature outside 0 and 100 °C

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Labwise Version 2.0.1


Labwise V2 is unable to set a temperature outside the range of 0-100C regardless of the liquid type set on the Optima units. This occurs when using the 'Set Temperature' box on the main window.


If a temperature of below 0C or above 100C is set in the Labwise software, when the setup is sent to the Optima unit, the Optima temperature does not change to that set in the software.


The current work around is to setup a simple 1 segment program using the Programs Editor window.

To set a temperature of 120C (the Optima will need to be configured for High Temp Oil), on the Labwise Programs window.

Set a Target Temp of 120C for segment 1

Set a Duration of 1 minute

Set 'On Program Completion' drop down list to 'Hold at final temperature'

Save the program to the PC (e.g. File name = Set_120C) to send the 'Set_120C' to the Optima, click on 'Bath' and 'Send to Program To Bath' and select the 'Set_120C' file.

The program will start and one minute later the Set temperature will be at 120C.

Note: the liquid may still need time to reach this temperature if it has started of lower than 120C.

At the end of the program the Optima will bleep, to stop the bleeping click on the Green 'Temperature Alarm' status button on the Labwise main page.


Should you have any questions regarding this technical notification then please do not hesitate to contact your loacal dealer or the Grant Instruments technical support department

Date of Issue: 06/2012

Version: TN-Labwise-002