EU ranges reading incorrectly from a previous used setup

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SQ20XX series data loggers


A previously used setfile stored in the data logger with an EU range based on 4-20mA, Mcounts or Fahrenheit reads incorrectly.


When a setfile is brought back from the logger into Squirrelview, this then is altered and resent back to the logger, if this file has scaled ranges connected to 4-20mA, Mcounts or Fahrenheit ranges these will then read incorrectly on the logger.


Up grade the software to the latest version (Squirrelview 3.9). The immediate workaround is to create the setfile and then save it to the PC before sending it to the logger. If the setup requires editing then edit the one from the PC rather than getting the setfile back from the logger, editing it and then sending it back again to the logger. The alternative is to contact Grant Instruments for an intermediate release of data logger firmware.


Should you have any questions regarding this technical notification then please do not hesitate to contact your local dealer or the Grant Instruments technical support department.

Date of Issue: 02/2009

Version: TN-SQ20XX-002