Erratic Ethernet Connection

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Products Affected:

SQ2020 2F8, SQ2040 2F16 and SQ2040 4F16 with inbuilt Ethernet. Received before 19/09/2007

Serial Numbers: 

SQ2020 2F8 in the range of KS0730016 - KS0706016
SQ2040 in range of KV0706006 - KV0736005


SQ2020 2F8, SQ2040 2F16 and SQ2040 4F16 will not communicate over inbuilt Ethernet after external power loss. This will only occur when connecting to the inbuilt Ethernet.


Communication will fail using the inbuilt Ethernet of the logger after an external mains power fail. The Ethernet LEDS will show no communication.


The immediate solution is to reset the logger, this can be done from the logger keys:

If this proves to be impractical, please return the logger to Grant Instruments for a warranty modification.


Should you have any questions regarding this technical notification then please do not hesitate to contact your local dealer or the Grant Instruments technical support department.

Date of Issue: 09/2007

Version: TN-20XX-01