Grant Bio FAQs

Why does my Centrifuge LMC3000/LMC4200R indicate ‘IMBALANCE’?

If the rotor becomes imbalance this causes vibration and the centrifuge will stop automatically. After the rotor has stopped open the lid and remedy the cause of the imbalance, this could be due to the tubes not being arranged symmetrically. Rearrange the tubes so that they are symmetrical (facing one another), and that opposite tubes are filled equally.

What refrigerant is used for cooling the LMC-4200R?

R134A; 250g

Why does my Thermoshaker PCMT make a rattling noise when it is unpacked or moved?

The automatic balancing system produces a light metal-like noise when moving the unit, it is a normal occurrence and does not indicate a fault.

Why does my Thermoshaker PCMT/PHMT appear to be not heating/cooling?

It could be possible that the plug connecting the unit and the heater/cooler block has become dislodged. To check this is connected correctly, disconnect the external power, remove the four knurled screws holding the block in place. Make sure that the plug is connected securely between the block and the unit. Align the block so that the warning label is facing the front of the unit and secure using the four knurled screws.

Why does my Orbital Platform Shaker PSU-10i/PSU-20i/PCMT and PHMT have a friction sound at the beginning and the end of a cycle?

This is automatic loading balancing system adjusting itself for the operation, it is a normal occurrence and does not indicate a fault.

On my PHMP/PHMP-4 how is the displayed temperature calculated?

There are two heaters in the PHMP/PHMP-4 microplate shaker, a bottom heater and the lid heater. The temperature on the lid heater will be a few degrees higher than than that of the bottom heater, this helps to prevent condensation in the microplates.

The temperature of the lid is calculated as follows:
For the temperature greater than 30 degrees, t(lid)=t(set)/16+t(set)

The actual temperature on the display is shown as the temperature of the bottom heater, actually when you set the temperature, you set the temperature on the bottom and the lid heater temperature is regulated by the program.
If one of the heaters is not working, then the actual temperature on the display will be empty. There is no special alert or sound signal to inform you that the heating is ON, but temperature will not be increasing.

Can my PCH-1 be used in an hydrogen/nitrogen atmosphere?

No it is not recommended for the PCH-1 to be used in an hydrogen/nitrogen atmosphere, it can cause condensation inside the instrument and this along with the enviroment conditions will cause the unit to fail.

What is the airlow rate for my UV cabient?

The single fan air recirculation achieves around 7m³/h

What is the power consumption of my UV cabinet?

The power consumption of the UV cabinets are as follows:


UVT-B-AR      67W

UVT-S-AR      150W

How many hours will the UV lamps operate before degradation in my UV cabient?

The UV lamps (TUV) will operate for approximatley 8000 hours before degradation, once the lifetime has been reached the output will degrade quickly over a short period of time.

 UV lamp degradation

How do I set my PTR-35 or PTR60 to vibration only?

If you set your PTR-35/PTR-60 in the following way:

Set the Orbital motion to OFF
Reciprocal motion to 1° and 1 second
Vibro to 5° and 5 seconds
Set the total time to the required shaking time.

Note: if the you set both motions to OFF (orbital and reciprocal), with the Vibro motion as the only motion then the unit will not work.