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SVE-015.jpgGrant has applied its great expertise in precision temperature control to create an exciting range of sous vide equipment designed to serve the needs of chefs working with sous vide cooking techniques.

About Sous Vide Cooking 

Sous vide is a long established but relatively little known cooking process in which food (e.g. a cut of meat) is vacuum sealed in a pouch with/without an accompanying sauce or seasoning and then cooked at comparatively low temperatures (typically around 70°C) for relatively long periods of time.

The sous vide process has a number of key advantages:

  • Taste: The juices and flavours are 'locked in', greatly enhancing the taste of the food
  • Consistency: The consistency of the food is enhanced - meat in particular becomes very tender and succulent when cooked sous vide
  • Advance preparation and storage life: Food portions can be prepared in advance, vacuum sealed and stored in a refrigerator for comparatively long periods of time - ideal for coping with the peaks and troughs in activity and for master kitchens supplying 'satellite' kitchens
  • Space saving: Sous vide cooking takes up relatively little space, ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium

SVP26.jpgSous vide cooking is becoming increasingly popular among professional and amateur chefs who are taking advantage of its many benefits and using it to experiment with new dishes. As a result the number of sous vide recipes and knowledge of the sous vide process are proliferating rapidly.

Because sous vide cooking takes place at comparatively low temperatures, cooking at exactly the correct temperature for the right amount of time is critical to achieving perfect results not only in terms of flavour and consistency, but also in terms of food safety. This is where the Grant sous vide baths come in, providing excellent temperature control with an accuracy up to ±0.2°C.

For more information, please see our dedicated Sous Vide micro-site