Case Studies

Read our customer case studies below to find out how companies around the world benefit from Grant Instruments.

Coldharbour Marine Ltd Derby - Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Coldharbour are developing ballast water treatment systems to address current and future environmental requirements. Organisms can exist in the ballast water of ships; this is very undesirable as this water can contain micro-organisms and larger flora and fauna such as molluscs which can survive within the ship. To take these organisms from one part of the world and then discharge them in another could create many environmental issues, as well as the internal physical damage that can occur in the ships tanks. Coldharbour have developed a system to add gas into the ballast water, causing oxygen to be stripped from the water whilst the elevated level of CO2 in the inert gas temporarily reduces the pH of the water.

EASIH Eastern Sequence and Informatics Hub - the FTA-1 Aspirator

Advances in DNA sequencing have meant a dramatic fall in the cost and time needed for the generation of high throughput sequencing (HTS) data sets. The creation of the Eastern Sequence and Informatics Hub (EASIH) enables researchers to utilise Next Generation Sequencing, a crucial 21st-century research approach in their studies. EASIH also provides researchers with access to the tools and protocols required to analyse these complicated and large-scale datasets, and in the design and implementation of projects

Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London, LTC2 refrigerated baths and circulators

The Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London is one of the largest chemistry departments in the UK and has a world-class reputation for both teaching and research. The Department employs over 50 academic staff, many internationally renowned in their respective fields, four Fellows of the Royal Society, 23 academic visitors, 49 postdoctoral fellows and 193 postgraduate students. It has five research groups covering catalysts and advanced materials, chemical biology, chemical physics, nanostructures materials and devices and synthesis.