SBB Aqua Plus Series Unstirred Water Baths

SBB Aqua Plus unstirred water baths range - summary of options and accessories 
  SBB Aqua 5 Plus SBB Aqua 12 Plus SBB Aqua 18 Plus SBB Aqua 26 Plus 
  Replacement polycarbonate transparent lids, blue 
AQL5  AQL12  AQL26  AQL26 
Directs condensation away from immersed vessels, avoids contamination, reduces evaporation and saves energy 
  Stainless steel sloping lids 
LU6  LU14  LU28  LU28 
  Flat lids
LF6 (2 ring sets)  LF14 (4 ring sets)  LF28 (6 ring sets)  LF28 (6 ring sets) 
With ring sets of variable hole diameter to accommodate tall vessels whilst reducing evaporation 
  Polypropylene spheres (packs per bath) 
1 x PS20  1 x PS20  2 x PS20  2 x PS20 
Useful alternative to a lid, minimises evaporation and heat loss whilst allowing easy access to vessels in the bath; particularly useful for tall vessels 
  Raised shelves - reversible, allows two shelf depths. h = shelf height above tank base (mm) 
(h 40 or 78)
shelf covers
half area of
SBB Aqua 12 Plus 
(h 40 or 135)
shelf covers
half area of
SBB Aqua 18 Plus
(h 45 or 135)
shelf covers
half area of
SBB Aqua 26 Plus
  Racks (no. per bath) 
1 x J2  2 x J2  4 x J2  4 x J2 
Choice of 8 variants to accommodate different tube diameters and microtubes. See under boiling bath racks for further details
  Replacement base trays 
SBT5  SBT14  SBT28  SBT28
Required if flat-bottomed flasks are to be placed directly on the base of the bath and to promote thermal convection in the bath 
* lid or spheres must be used above 60°C
Boiling Bath Racks 
J2 RacksTube size ØCapacity 
J2-10  10 mm  84
J2-13  13 mm  55
J2-16  16 mm  36
J2-19  19 mm  32
J2-25  25 mm  18
J2-30  30 mm  12
J2-SE  0.5 ml  105
J2-LE  1.5 ml  65

Product Calibration

A product calibration service is available which includes a calibration certificate, traceable to national standards.  Please enquire prior to placing order.