SBB Aqua Plus Series Unstirred Water Baths

The Grant SBB Aqua Plus series is a robust, high quality unstirred analogue boiling bath for direct immersion of samples. It provides continuous, steady 100ºC operation without violent boiling, spitting or producing excessive steam.

  • Choice of 4 models - 5 litre, 12 litre, 18 litre and 26 litre baths
  • Non-drip polycarbonate lid - improves performance, limits evaporation and conserves energy. Now included as standard.
  • Stainless steel tank in a robust outer case - tough and durable in demanding environments
  • Constant level device helps maintain required liquid level for optimal operation
  • Adjustable energy regulator provides steady boiling
  • Large available working area in relation to footprint
  • Two over-temperature cut-outs protect users and the workspace if bath is accidentally run without water
  • Perforated tray to ensure uniform heat distribution, included as standard 
  • Wide range of accessory options for different applications
  • 3-year warranty