PSU-20i Orbital Shaking Platform

Options and accessories


PUP- 330 Adjustable bars and two fixing levels. Dimensions: 345 x 430 x 105mm HB-330 extra holding bars.
P30 -100 Platform with clamps for 30x100-150ml flasks
P16 - 250 Platform with clamps for 16x250-300ml flasks
P9 - 500 Platform with clamps for 9x500ml flasks
P6 - 1000 Platform with clamps for 6x1000ml flasks
PP- 20 (2/3/4 levels) Flat platform with non-slip rubber mat. Dimensions: 480 x 380mm Height between levels: 140mm
PP- 20  Flat platform with non-slip rubber mat to accommodate low profile containers such as Petri dishes
UP-168 Universal platform for different flasks. Clamps listed below:
FC-100 Stainless steel clamp for 100ml flask
FC-250 Stainless steel clamp for 250ml flask
FC-500 Stainless steel clamp for 500ml flask
FC-1000 Stainless steel clamp for 1000ml flask
FC-2000 Stainless steel clamp for 2000ml flask