Paint oven profiling system

Probes for use with the OMK610 Oven Logger Kit

A wide range of K-Type temperature probes is available with a choice of 1.5m (4'9"), 3m (9'8") or 6m (19'7") cable lengths. The OMK610 can be used with a combination of up to 6 probes simultaneously.

  • Perfect contact between probe and surface
  • Low mass and optimised shape to avoid influence on temperature of the sample
  • Extremely strong, highly flexible and easy to clean Teflon® coated cables

All probes have a continuous maximum temperature of 250ºC (428ºF).

Description Part Number / Cable Length
1.5m (4'9") 3m (9'8") 6m (19'7")
Clamp_Air_Probe.jpg Clamp Air Probe CAP-K-G1.5-3 CAP-K-G3-3 CAP-K-G6-3
Mag_Air_Probe.jpg Magnetic Air Probe MAP-K-G1.5-3 MAP-K-G3-3 MAP-K-G6-3
Clamp_Surface_Probe.jpg Clamp Surface Probe CSP-K-G1.5-3 CSP-K-G3-3 CSP-K-G6-3
Mag_Surface_Probe.jpg Magnetic Surface Probe MSP-K-G1.5-3 MSP-K-G3-3 MSP-K-G6-3
Combined_Probe.jpg Combined Probe
Can be used as a Magnetic Air,
Magnetic Surface, Clamp Air or
Clamp Surface Probe
TC-K-N1.5-3 TC-K-N3-3 TC-K-N6-3