LTC4 Refrigerated Circulating Baths

Low temperature refrigerated circulating baths - technical specifications
Grant Optima™ circulator
= standardAdvanced digital
Stability (DIN 12876) water @ 10°C °C ± 0.1
-10°C for 50% water, 50% glycol °C   ± 0.1
Uniformity (DIN 12876) water @ 10°C °C ± 0.1
-10°C for 50% water, 50% glycol °C   ± 0.1
Setting resolution °C 0.1 (0.01 with Labwise™)
Display   full colour QVGA TFT
Timer function   1 min to 99 hrs 59 mins
No. stored temperature values   3
Two point re-calibration  
Offset adjustment  
Socket for external probe (TXPEP,TXSEP)  
Communications interface   USB & RS232
Programmable   remote via PC/laptop
No. stored programs   1 x 30 segment
Relays   1
Safety overtemperature adjustable cut-out
Fluid level - float switch  
Alarms (can be configured to switch a relay)   high and low
Heater power 230 V W 1840
  120 V W 1445
Electrical power 230 V W 2000 (50 Hz)
  120 V W 1500 (60 Hz)
Height above tank rim mm 200
Depth below tank rim mm 135
Grant Optima™ thermostat pump (integral)
Maximum pressure water mbar 310
Maximum flow water L/min 18
Pump connector 6mm bore fits 9mm inner diameter tubing
Pump connector 11mm bore fits 15mm inner diameter tubing


Grant R series refrigeration units - models and specifications
Grant Optima™ circulator
  = standardR4
Temperature range with T100 heating circulator 0-100°C
Temperature range with TC120 heating circulator -20 to 100°C
Temperature range with TX150 heating circulator -30 to 100°C
Temperature range with TXF200 heating circulator -30 to 100°C
Relay control (refrigeration on/off)
Refrigerant R134a
Overtemperature cut - out 100°C limit
Water freezing protection thermostat
Refrigeration high pressure switch 27 bar
Cooling power*, ambient 20°C 
@ 20°C  W
@ 0°C  W 500
@ - 10°C  W 300
@ - 20°C  W 180
@ - 30°C  W 40
@ - 40°C  W -
@ - 47°C  W -
Electrical power (maximum) 
230V  W
850 (50 Hz)
120V  W 780 (60 Hz)
EMC emissions  class B

* The optional VTP pumps will transfer additional heat to the baths and reduce the net cooling power of the refrigeration unit. The above figures must be taken into consideration when choosing the refrigeration unit
Note: when ordering a VTP pump, please specify which refrigeration base unit it is to be used with