LMC-4200R benchtop centrifuge with refrigeration

Benchtop centrifuge with refrigeration with a temperature setting range of -10°C to +25°C.  Interchangeable rotors for accommodating centrifuge tubes (10 to 15 ml or 50 ml) or microplates.

  • Spin speed: up to 4200 rpm for tubes, up to 2000 rpm for microtitre plates
  • Temperature setting range -10 to 25ºC
  • Timed operation (1 to 90 minutes), with automatic switch-off
  • ‘Soft-start’ and ‘run-down’ functions
  • Choice of interchangeable rotors for up to 12 centrifuge tubes or 2 microplates
  • Auto 'IMBALANCE' stop and warning diagnostics
  • Low noise level
  • Sturdy metal housing and lid, automatic imbalance switch-off and lid lock when centrifuge is running providing safe operation in your workplace
  • Effective acceleration (run-up up 15 sec.) and deceleration ( run-down up to 30 sec)
  • Refrigeration rate inside the chamber under 10 minutes
  • Easy set-up of speed and time via 2-line LCD display and simple push buttons display of actual and set temperature, speed and time
  • Convenient interchangeable rotor for 6 or 12 tubes or 2 microplates (standard and deep well). Specify when ordering
  • The powerful and extremely quiet motor has a ‘soft’ start-up and run-down function to avoid jolting of samples
  • Compact design with small footprint – fits neatly into the workspace 


Life science - universal applications for all centrifugation requiring a controlled temperature of biomaterial. Temperature control of the 'cold-shelf' is the standard needed for enzmologists and cell biologists ensuring the conditions necessary for reproducibility of the sample preparation stage.