FTA-1 Aspirator with Trap Flask

EASIH Eastern Sequence and Informatics
Hub Ms Anna Livings - Senior Lab Technician

Organisation Background

Advances in DNA sequencing have meant a dramatic fall in the cost and time needed for the generation of high throughput sequencing (HTS) data sets.  The creation of the Eastern Sequence and Informatics Hub (EASIH) enables researchers to utilise Next Generation Sequencing, a crucial 21st-century research approach in their studies.  EASIH also provides researchers with access to the tools and protocols required to analyse these complicated and large-scale datasets, and in the design and implementation of projects.

EASIH, based in Cambridge, also applies HTS to routine medical diagnostic uses, in particular in HLA typing in transplantation and cord blood stem cells, and re-sequencing of disease genes in collaboration with East Anglian Medical Genetics Service.

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Grant Instruments

Anna Livings, senior lab technician at EASIH had a need to be able to aspirate and contain small amounts of liquid from the Caliper LabChip® used in the laboratory.  Previously, the lab in-line vacuum system has been used; this is no longer desirable due to environmental concerns and restrictions on locations of the vacuum taps.

Using the new FTA-1 personal aspirator from Grant has solved several problems at once.  An all-in-one system with pump and trap flask allows containment of the aspirant safely as well as the ability to aspirate wherever it is needed.