Here are just some examples of the many applications covered by Grant. For more information about some of the applications, visit the Case Studies section

  • Sub-atomic research in a synchrotron monochromator -Diamond Light Source
  • Engine thermostat testing -Western Thompson
  • Inkjet printing head temperature control - Xennia, Xaar and Inca
  • Thawing specialist aircraft glues -BAE
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging -Ross
  • Chill filtration for whisky distillers -Bowmore
  • Radiator valve testing -Siebe Climate control
  • Engine testing cooling systems -Cosworth
  • Oil ageing test equipment for aero engines -Rolls Royce
  • Fibre optic manufacture -Kobe, Fibrecore
  • Marine studies - Schleicher and Schuell
  • Military -AWRE
  • Sorption systems -Hiden Isochema
  • Soil analysis sample preparation - Alcontrol
  • Wafer fabrication - Leica (Vistec)
  • Oil petrochemical testing equipment - Stanhope Seta
  • Head-up display manufacture - Thales
  • Fermentor jacket temperature control -New Brunswick Scientific
  • Micro calorimetry -Thermometric
  • Standards baths -National Physics Laboratory
  • Water test equipment -pHox (GLI), Palintest
  • Blood warming -Portex (Smiths Industries)
  • Refractive index cell temperature control -Index, Bellingham and Stanley
  • Milk pasteurisation -Great Ormond Street, Alder Hey
  • Potentiometric microplate reading system- Universal Sensors
  • Temperature control in wafer lithography- Vistec
  • IVF cryopreservation system- Asymptote
  • Seed germination gradient plate -Kew Gardens Millennium Seed Bank
  • Organo metallic (MOCVD) bubbler control for opto-electronics -EMF
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